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Stone Face

Stone Face is a Fuzz pedal built around two PNP germanium transistors. It can be pretty aggressive for a Germanium device but cleans up when you turn down the guitar volume.

To make it more flexible I have added the following features :
With the Stone Face tone control, that I now have renamed to bias, you can tweak the clipping to be more or less aggressive .
I have also added a three way switch with the following function :
1. No limitations
2. Smooth
3. Less bass

The pedal has true bypass when turned off.
Red LED indicates when the effect is on. (When LED starts to fade you have to change battery, the effect will still work though.)
You can use either a 9 volt battery or 9VDC power adapter (standard negative tip).
The design has a safety resistor so you can not damage the circuit if you accidentally try to use an adapter with the wrong polarity.

Stone Face is germanium fuzz with following features:
Fuzz: amount of distortion/fuzz
Tone(Bias): character on the fuzz
Vol: adjust the volume
Switch: three different colors of the fuzz

Suggested settings
* turn the Fuzz effect fully clockwise
* use the tone(bias)control and the switch to adjust the character of the Fuzz effect
* Use the volume control to adjust the out put level
* use the volume control on your guitar to control the amount of gain in your sound. You can go from clean to scream only using this technic.
  Ola Insulander