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My name is Ola Insulander and is the maker of these pedals.
I have run my own business Ola Insulander Musik since 1994 starting of as a repair man for musical equipment. I have huge music interest and have played guitar as long as I can rember. Now days I play mainly blues, rock, soul and country but also other genres if I get the chance.
My sound ideal has always been a single coil or P90 equipped guitar played through a Fender Super Reverb. But lately I have started to fancy humbuckers on some guitars as well. And amp wise Iím now mostly plugged in to a Fender brown face bassman or an early plexi Marshalls.
To get the sweet spots out of these amps you have to play them loud. Unfortunately you canít do that on the clubs now days. Thatís one reason I created this pedals. To achieve a good organic, fun to play sound at a decent volume.

Im playing in following bands:



Simply the best/Gladys del Pilar 



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