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Boogie Drive

Boogie Drive is a transparent overdrive which let you add distortion without loosing your original sound of your amp. The tone control is working in the “harsh register” which often needs to be controlled, especially with Fender style amps. Other features are as follows: good string separation, touch sensibility and good bass response.

The pedal has real true bypass when turned off.
Green LED indicates when the effect is on. (When LED starts to fade you have to change battery, the effect will still work though.)
You can use either a 9 volt battery or 9VDC power adapter (standard negative tip).
The design has a safety diod so you can not damage the circuit if you accidentally try to use an adapter with the wrong polarity.

Suggested settings
Boogie Drive is a over drive pedal with following features:
Gain: adjusts the amount of gain and compression
Tone: adjusts the tone
Vol: adjusts the volume

Begin with volume and tone at max and gain at min. Then you got an almost clean sound. Raise the gain to the right amount of distortion. Back off volume and tone to unity gain compered to the bypassed signal. Then you got the sound of your amp but with the feel that you drive it harder than you actually do.
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