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Magic Boost

Magic Boost is a boost pedal featured with volume and tone controls. The circuit is built around a germanium transistor who colors the sound in a magic way.
You will get most out of the circuit with the guitar connected directly into the pedal. If you put the pedal after a pedal with a buffered circuit (like most Boss pedals) you will get a cleaner boost with the high frequency treble preserved The Magic Boost pedals will give you many different sounds depending where in the effect chain you place it. Please move the pedal around in the effect chain so you can find your own sweet spot.
The magic germanium transistors is very hard to find these days (they are not being mad any more) and I spend a lot of time trying out the best once for each individual pedal.
Unfortunately the Germanium transistor it self generates some buzz, you have to live with this if you want to be able to get the other benefits like a organic and dynamic pedal.

The pedal has real true by pass when turned off.
Blue LED indicates when the effect is on. (When LED starts to fade you have to change battery, the effect will still work though.)
You can use either a 9 volt battery or 9VDC power adapter (standard negative tip).
The design has a safety diod so you can not damage the circuit if you accidentally try to use an adapter with the wrong polarity.
  Ola Insulander